Wacky Scholarships Can Help Pay For A College Education

Attention Students Trying to Find Odd, Wacky, Weird, and Unusual Scholarships:

You have probably heard of high school juniors or seniors and college students being awarded free money for college for having unusual talents or unique characteristics (such as being left handed), but did you know that there are other wacky scholarships and grants you can apply for?

Trying to find these types of financial resources for college can be challenging, and searching for them on your own can be a long and tedious process. The goal of wacky-scholarships.com is to educate and notify you about these completely free money sources.

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Did you know that the number of wacky scholarships made available to high school students and college students increased last year. And believe it or not, many of these types of easy scholarships remain unknown and go unclaimed as a result of students not applying for all of them.

List of 10 Wacky Scholarship Examples:

Can you call a duck? If so, you could very well walk away with the duck calling scholarship awarded at the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest.

Do you have natural red hair? A red head scholarship such as the one provided by Scholarship Red, could easily win you some free money for college.

Are you a vegetarian and proud of it? The Vegetarian Resource Group Contest awards two vegetarian scholarships to students who promote vegetarianism in their community or school with $5,000 each. 

Is bowling your sport?  More than six million dollars in bowling scholarships are awarded from the US Bowling Congress.

Are you a twin or triplet? Scholarships for twins can be found from The Northwest Association Mother of Twins Clubs and the Twins Day Festival as well as several specific colleges and universities. They all offer scholarships for being a twin or triplet.

And the list of scholarships continues...

Are you a golf caddy? The Chick Evans Golf Caddie Scholarship offered by the Western Golf Association is a generous award that covers up to four years of full housing and tuition expenses.

Do you have asthma? Scholarships for people with asthma provided by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and Merck's Will to Win Asthma Scholarships are two free sources of college money that are unknown to most students.

Will you study fashion design in college? T he National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance offers a scholarship to a fashion design student who designs plus size clothes.

Are you really tall? There are scholarships for tall people. Tall Clubs International Tall People Scholarship Awards are offered to students who are above average height.

Are you really short? Scholarships for short people are made available by The Little People of America Organization. These scholarships are awarded to students of short stature.

Good luck and happy scholarship hunting!



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